• Alung Technologies, Inc.

    Alung Technologies, Inc.

    ALung Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held Pittsburgh-based developer and manufacturer of innovative lung assist devices. Founded in 1997 as a spin-out of the University of Pittsburgh, ALung has developed the Hemolung RAS as a dialysis-like alternative or supplement to mechanical ventilation. ALung is backed by individual investors and venture firms including Allos Ventures, Birchmere Ventures and West Capital Advisors, LLC.

  • Carmell Therapeutics

    Carmell Therapeutics

    Carmell is a spin out of Carnegie Mellon University that has developed an exciting new concept in biologics: biologically-active materials manufactured from human blood plasma. These plasma-based materials contain a concentration of natural regenerative factors that promote healing, reduce complications, and save healthcare costs. The first product is a putty to treat traumatic bone injuries, reducing infections while accelerating healing of not only the fracture site but also surrounding soft tissues. The fracture augmentation market is a multi-B market where there is no product routinely used. Unlike competing approaches, Carmell's plasma-based products are safe, consistent and inexpensive to produce – truly unique for the industry.

  • Cognition Therapeutics

    Cognition Therapeutics

    Cognition Therapeutics Inc. is a drug discovery and development company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cognition Therapeutics Inc. is focused on the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics targeting the toxic proteins that cause the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neuro- degenerative diseases of the human brain.

  • Complexa


    Complexa is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of drugs to treat metabolic and inflammatory disorders.  Nitrated unsaturated fatty acids, generically termed NO2-FA, have been shown to be efficacious in preclinical models of impaired metabolism (diabetes and obesity) and inflammation, including atherosclerosis, restenosis, myocardial infarction, renal disease/failure, hypertension and asthma.  This range of commercial options is supported by a broad patent portfolio and provides multiple near- and long-term commercial opportunities for the Company.
    The Company is focusing its drug pipeline on several orphan disease conditions characterized by both inflammation and fibrosis.  The lead program will be entering Phase 2 clinical trials for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), an orphan kidney disease in children and adolescents, as well as a leading cause of kidney failure in adults.  In 2016, the Company will also conduct a proof of concept clinical study in sickle cell crises (SC) which, if successful, will lead to a Phase 2 clinical trial in sickle cell disease.  Finally, the Company has identified pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) as its third orphan indication and will conduct a Phase 2 study in PAH also in 2016.

  • Medrobotics


    Medrobotics Corporation is a privately-held, surgical products company with a core competency in robotics. The Company’s vision is to provide more patients with access to minimally invasive surgery. Headquartered in Raynham, Massachusetts, Medrobotics manufactures and markets its flagship product, the Flex® Robotic System, a robot-assisted platform that provides surgeons with single-site access visualization of hard-to-reach anatomical locations.

  • Quantum Ops

    Quantum Ops

    Quantum OPS is an orthopedic technology company for today's sophisticated operating suite professionals.

    Our products combine 21st century technology with old fashioned ingenuity in an effort to make life easier for surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists everywhere.

    Quantum OPS prides itself on it's exceptional agility and responsiveness to market need.

    Believe that quality products should never be compromised for low prices when lives are at stake. Improving patient safety is at the core of our mission.

  • Rinovum


    Rinovum Women’s Health, LLC. is a privately held women’s health company dedicated to bringing products into the market that will enhance women’s lives and empower them to take charge of their health. Rinovum Women’s Health began in 2009 as Intimate Bridge 2 Conception based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    The Stork® products include The Stork® and The Stork® OTC- the innovative medical device for reproductive health to aid in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of home. It is now available for purchase in the UK and Canada as The Stork, and in the US as The Stork OTC.

    For the one-in-six couples and others who struggle to conceive a child, the announcement that The Stork® OTC conception aid is available over the counter is big news. Finally, an easy-to-use, home-use conception aid cleared by the FDA (July 2014). No prescription required.

  • Wellbridge Health

    Wellbridge Health

    Wellbridge has developed a personalized combination of mobile technology, tele-health monitoring, assessment protocols, and social work-based interventions to uncover and address social barriers to care, and avoid unnecessary emergency room (ER) visits and hospitalizations. Via the BridgIT™ tele-health platform, Wellbridge monitors high-risk, high-cost Medicaid and Medicare Dual-Eligible beneficiaries in their home setting on a daily basis. This evidence-based protocol-driven tele-health solution optimizes human interaction and technology to achieve long-term behavior change and better health outcomes for the patients.