Alan West re-joined the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG) as a Resident Entrepreneur following the successful launch of Carmell Therapeutics, a PLSG portfolio company.  He serviced as Executive-in-Residence at the PLSG from 2005-2009, working with over 40 entrepreneurs and start-ups.  He ahs more than 30 years of experience in managing medical device companies with a track record that includes both large and small companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Advanced Medical Technologies (sports medicine), Boston Scientific Corporation, Vision Sciences Inc. (endoscopy company), and Assurance Medical Inc. (surgical oncology company).

He was Vice President of R&D at Boston Scientific prior to their successful IPO, has a broad technical and business background, and has developed and marketed products in the radiology, cardiology, vascular surgery, dermatology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, oncology, general surgery, sports medicine, and orthopedic markets.  In his career, he has raised more than 460M through private and public offerings, holds numerous patents, has published articles in scientific, medical, and history journals, and is the author of two recent books on Civil War medicine.

Mr. West also gained experience in technology-based economic development, company commercialization, and incubator management at the Michigan Tech SmartZone, where he was founder and CEO.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University and a master’s in Design Engineering from Tufts University.